Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weekend Update - Kim's Wedding

Hello All!  Here's another weekend update for you - this time about my trip to Pennsylvania for Kim's Wedding!

The weekend of September 24 I had the pleasure of getting to attend my longtime friend, Kimmerly's wedding!  Kim and I first became friends back in the good 'ole days when we were ice skating in Dallas together (crazy right?)  It's crazy how it seems like skating happened in some weird previous life I had because my life is so different now (cue trip-like experience just thinking about it).

Kim's family graciously invited us to stay at their house for the weekend which turned out to be so much fun!  I got to spend a lot of time catching up (it's amazing how much you miss in ohh, 6 years?) and getting to know some of Kim's friends.  The day of the wedding Mom and I got our hair done with the rest of the wedding party which was quite fun!

I had an awesome bun-look while mom had a vintage forties look going.  They both looked great!

Anywho, their wedding took place outdoors at an idyllic campground near Fombell, PA with a beautiful view of the expansive countryside.  They did an amazing job selecting the decorations to fit the season and to match the wedding to their personality.  Since photos say a thousand words, I'll stop trying to describe everything and just post some pictures.

Mother of the bride walked down the aisle by her two sons:

Groom.  Maybe a little nervous?  Happy?

Adorable flower girls and ring bearer!

Beautiful bride walking down the aisle with her father:

Saying bye to daddy (cue tears)

The groomsmen wore hunting boots!  They also had on camouflage vests on underneath their tuxes!  It really made the wedding fit the outdoorsy side of the bride and groom.

The flowergirl's camo converses sneaking out under her dress!

And I did a reading!  Funny story actually - I put my reading under the podium thinking I'd be reading there. Then I realized that's where the presider was and uhm, I would be reading from the music stand.  Oops.  Right before my reading, I did a sneak attack up to the podium behind the bride/groom/presider and super sneakily made it to where I was actually supposed to read from.  No one noticed right? (ha!)

First kiss as husband and wife!

Look at how happy my parents are!  They must be remembering their wedding!

The cake:

The groom's cake (appropriately hunting themed)

First dance!

Cutting the cake:

And finally some reception fun!  Mom, dad and I with the bride and her parents.

Mom and dad have been taking ballroom dancing lessons!  They got out on the dance floor and really rocked the reception! (and looked super presh)

Daddy and I danced together too!  Apparently he wasn't ready for this picture haha

The dollar dance!

Father of the bride and the groom?  Alright, I'm not going to judge! haha

And a nice family shot!

As you can see, it was a really great wedding!  The ceremony itself was beautiful and the reception was so much fun!  Now it won't be long till I'm getting married!  HA, JK, I'm going to grad school!  It'll be at least 10 years till my parents have to worry about marrying me off.  Anywho, that's it for Kim's wedding.  Next up - Balls!

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  1. It was an awesome weekend that we will remember forever. The weather was perfect and the wedding was so beautiful. We loved being there!