Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big Bear

Hello All!

So, as you know, I spent three weekends in a row off campus (RA Retreat, Wedding, Balls).  Well, I figured I might as well spend a fourth weekend off campus.  I'm already so far behind on homework it can't possibly get any worse right? (ha!)  Well anyway, when my friend invited me and a bunch of other peeps from Rocket Lab to come stay at his cabin in Big Bear for the weekend, I was all for it!  Big Bear Lake, for those of you who don't know, is in the mountains about 100 miles east of L.A.  The elevation is about 7000ft and I can definitely feel the decrease in oxygen (partly because my nasal passages are clogged and partly because being an engineer leaves no time to work out).  We left campus yesterday morning and got to Big Bear around 11am.  We went out on the lake for a while and a bunch of people inner tubed behind the boat (it's like water skiing only in an inner tube).  I personally didn't because not only was the water freezing, but the air temp was also only in the mid-60s!  The people who did go in got out of the water shivering so badly I felt terrible for them.  Anywho, I've taken a bazillion pictures but I'm on a terrible 3g cell data internet connection so I don't want to upload them for fear of destroying the internet.  Whenever I get back to L.A. I'll be sure to upload tons for pictures for you all!

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