Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ah dear blog!  I haven't abandoned thee!  In all honesty, I've just be SUPER busy.  Really though...these past few weeks have been some of the most hectic of my life.  I've spent the past two weekends in a row off campus (first for the EDCO retreat, then for a wedding) and am leaving in about 8 hours to go to Balls!  In case you don't remember from last year, Balls is the biggest rocket launch convention in America and it only happens once a year!  Rocket lab has been working round the clock to get our rocket, Traveler, ready for launch.  Traveler is "the big one" as they say and is the culmination of 6 years of hard work in rocket lab.  The founding purpose of rocket lab was to build a rocket to reach space and we're finally about to launch a rocket designed to get there!  In less than 24 hours the moment of truth will have happened!

Anywho, a few of the other things keeping me busy are...
Work - my project has been going well so far but has been on a bit of a hold this past week.  I hope to get more done next week.  I try to spend about 15 hours doing work-related things a week.
Work #2 - Supervising the freshman in the AME 105 lab.  This is actually super fun!  I spend about 8 hours a week in the main AME department lab and machine shop working with freshman on building their gliders.  Also, my little sis in AOE is in 105 so I get to hang out with her!
Rocket Lab - Haven't spent as much time in rocket lab as I would like, but I do whatever I can.
Classes - Of course, I'm maxed out on units which means I spend approximately 18 hours a week in class.  Not to mention 3 hours of homework for every 1 hour of class so one can reasonably assume 34 hours of my week are spent doing homework. In case you're keeping track, about 75 hours of my week are already accounted for.
AOE - Chapter meetings and Candidate meetings, unfortunately being off campus means I haven't been able to go to any of the social events so far :(  Plus I'm secretary and merchandising chair, so about 5-6 hours each week goes to AOE.
Ballroom - New for this semester!  I joined the ballroom club!  Sadly, I've missed the past couple weeks :( But normally I go once a week for about 1.5 hours.
Sleep - (HA!) About 6 hours a night (average)

So, if you're keeping track:  Approximately 118.5 hours of my week are accounted for.  Deducting my weekends (since I've been off campus) and 106.5/120 of my available hours in a week are accounted for.  Add in some time for Facebook, eating, checking email, and random meetings, I basically have zero time to waste.  Also, I feel super nerdy for actually calculating that out (it is times like these when I realize how much engineering is taking over my life).

Life has been good though.  Being so busy has definitely been keeping me out of trouble.  I feel like I haven't been to a single party since the first weekend here (before I had homework) but the time I've spent off campus has been super fun and I've been enjoying most of my classes.  Anywho, I hope to get a more detailed post up here soon with tons of pictures from my various adventures and go into a little more detail about my classes and stuff.  I promise I haven't abandoned the blog!

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