Sunday, September 4, 2011

Second Week Madness

Hello All!  I can't believe over a week has passed since I last posted.  This week really flew by without my even noticing.  Classes are starting to get into full swing which means homework, homework, and more homework.  Well, really not too much yet, but there's a lot on the syllabus which basically means I have a lot to prepare for.  Thankfully we have a 3 day weekend so I can get a head start!  As far as stuff going on in my life, recruitment started this week for AOE!  So far we've had quite a few potential candidates at all our events which is very exciting.  One of which is a freshman in aerospace!  I'm super excited I might not be the only aero girl in AOE anymore.  We still have a few more events but by this time next week we should have candidates!  Yah!

Also, I found out that I got the job as the AME 105: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering grader/lab assistant!  I'm so excited to help out the freshman with their glider projects this year since I had such a great time with it last year.  Plus, it will be a great way to get to know the future of the AME department.

I also met with Dr. Nutt to discuss my research project for this semester.  I'm really excite because I have my own project to work on.  Basically, I'll be working with a brand new mandrel that Dr. Nutt and Lessa discovered at a conference over the summer.  My research will be into void formation in carbon fiber structures with complex geometries.  Basically, we have a rounded triangular prism which we use to shape the carbon fiber while it's being layed up.  I will lay up the samples then quantify void formation properties of different weaves.  To measure the void formation, there are a couple different methods available in the lab.  One method is to examine the sample under an ultrasound to scan for air within the sample.  The second method is to cut the sample into small pieces, polish the sample, then observe it under microscope and search for voids.  I'll be starting out just laying up control samples but the eventual goal is to run some experiments and test ways to decrease the void formation.  I'm really excited about this project because I get to work with some new machinery and some new techniques that I haven't used before.  But, first things first, I still need to learn how to use the mandrels and since no one in the lab has used them before it could be a very interesting experience!  If you're interested in reading more, click here to see my proposal.  It looks pretty legit eh?

This past week I have also made progress on my study abroad application.  I've finished my portion, the essays, but I still had to get the advising form filled out.  I had kind of assumed this was just a formality but when I got in the office I realized that I had met the prerequisites for a lot of the classes I wanted to take abroad.  Unfortunately, they require fluids for everything which is unfortunate because fluids is a third year class at USC.  Anyway, my first visit to the advising office was really discouraging because I hadn't realized it would be difficult for me to find classes I could take.  Thankfully after spending a couple hours at my apartment looking through the course catalogs I found some classes that would transfer to USC and count for my major (yah!).  On my second visit to the advising office I completed the form so I'm one step closer to a complete application!  Which is good because the application is due in one week!

Yesterday was fun because it was the first game day of the season!  Fight On!  Even though the game wasn't the best played, the Trojans managed to pull out a win which was exciting.  There was plenty of tailgating going on and I ended up spending the day with my sorority sisters.  Here's a few game day photos:

My sisters and I at the game!

In addition to all my class and work stuff going on, I've been trying to cook healthy food for myself!  Today I made myself a delicious crepe with scrambled eggs, fresh diced tomatoes, spinach, and shredded cheddar.  It was really really really amazing.  On the side I had a fresh avocado and for dessert some yogurt and raspberries.  Seriously yum.  I took pictures.

The final product:

Preksha and I have also been having a good time cooking together.  We've baked a couple cakes:

And I baked this one for rocket lab (they were quite happy!):

And in honor of game day we made cardinal and gold jello!

Look at the cardinal/gold-ness!  mmm, school spirit's delicious.

So, all that's been what's happened so far this week.  Today I took a day off to relax with friends.  Ethan, Eric, Hunter (Eric's roommate last year), Hunter's girlfriend and I all went hiking in Malibu today!  Eric found a nice trail online which wasn't too difficult but had a very beautiful waterfall at the end!  Here are some pictures:

After finishing the trail, we hit up the Malibu beaches.  It was so beautiful with the cliffs and the waves.  Not to mention the multi-gazillion dollar homes that dotted the coast.  Unfortunately it was pretty windy so it was a little chilly but the sun was shinning which helped to keep you warm.  More pictures (yah!):

Between being outside all day for the football game yesterday and going hiking and to the beach today, I've managed to get pretty tan!  I had been getting a little pasty since I've been spending so much time inside for school, work, rocket lab and everything else.  But alas, weekends are for maintaining my tan!  Anywho, that's it for this week!  I'm going to try and post more frequently so I'm not always writing these marathon posts, but we'll see.  I definitely have a lot to look forward to this semester!

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  1. You are definitely living the dream! I love seeing Traveler... wish we were going to Parents' Weekend this year, but can't wait to see you in Pennsylvania soon! Love you! Mom