Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 3 - Errands

Hello All!  I know I start every post with "I can't believe how much time has flown" so this post I'm going with the variation - I kept meaning to post every day this week and time kept slipping past!  (Really guys!)  This week has been really exciting but unusually busy with errands.  I've been running around trying to put together my study abroad application (due tomorrow!), getting stuff organized for AOE and figuring out what I need to do for work.  I'm hoping that for the next couple weeks things will settle down before midterms start.

Monday we didn't have class (hooray!) but I spent the majority of the day catching up on homework.  Tuesday was a crazy day running around campus because I had so many errands to run.  My day started around 8 when I left to print my homework (to turn in before 9) then I had an appointment at the health center, class from 10-4, then I had to stop by the study abroad office to schedule an appointment, the registration building to pick up copies of my transcripts, class from 5-7, then I went to the RA fair from 7:30-9, I also had to print out my homework and turn in some stuff online.  By the time it was 10pm I was so tired I did a little homework and just passed out.  Wednesday was every bit as busy as I had class from 9-2 then I had to run around trying to fill out my passport paperwork and get my passport photos taken.  Then I met with a professor at 5:15 to get a recommendation letter for my study abroad app and hang out at Starbucks for a while (she's really awesome!)  before heading back to my apartment to do Thermodynamics homework with a friend then heading to Ballroom Dancing class at 9.  Class ended around 10:15 and the whole class headed over to Traditions (the bar/club on campus, commonly known as "Traddy's") to hang out and eat nachos.  Side note - Traddy's is awesome.  It's basically half sport's bar with big TVs and a bunch of people hanging out watching games and half dance club with cool DJs and light shows and awesomeness.  And even better, it's on campus!  They're really strict about not letting under 21 drink but it's still a fun place to hang out.  Anywho, needless to say, by the time I got home on Wednesday night I was once again so tired I did a little homework then just passed out. Thursday was less busy because I didn't have anything due on Friday but it was still a pretty long day.  Study abroad advising at 9, class 10-4 (don't forget the math quiz every Thursday!) and 5-7, then tie dying with AOE!  Tie dying is one of our recruitment traditions and everyone looks forward to it every semester.  I was pretty happy with how mine came out.  Check out this picture.

It was a little more yellow-y than I had hoped, but none the less, I was happy with it!

Friday was a much more chill day.  Thankfully I only have math class at 10 then honors colloquium at 1.  I hung out in Rocket lab for a little while between classes (but didn't really do any work) then headed over to my lab afterwards for our group meeting.  We still haven't heard back from the manufacturer of the mandrels I'm supposed to use about the layup procedure so I haven't started making any samples yet but I plan on cutting carbon fiber on Monday.  Hopefully the manufacturer will get back to us about the specifics of how to use the mandrels soon because I really want to get started!  And I also don't want to just "wing it" when it comes to the layup.

On Saturday I finally submitted all my paperwork for renewing my passport!  The stupid office is only open from 10:30am-3pm (super inconvenient for my class schedule) and you have to have an appointment.  At least it's just across the street on the west side of campus so it wasn't too far to bike.  Anyway, what with my passport submitted for renewal, my recommendation letters turned in, my essayed finished, and copies of my transcripts bought, I'm done with my application! And it's probably a good thing because the application is due tomorrow.  I just need to stop by the office, turn in all my completed materials and then hope for the best!  I'm probably going to turn in an application to one back up program (but I can use mostly the same essays and nothing else needs to be redone) but that application isn't due for two more weeks.

Saturday was also GAME DAY!!  The game had one of the most exciting endings ever.  During the first half we were leading by about 10 points but in the second half Utah started coming back to bring the score to 17-14.  With only 18 seconds left, Utah was on its forth down and only 1 yard away from a first down.  After the play, it was initially called short but after review and re-measurement they called it a first down.  Then they reset the clock to 20 seconds.  At this point, Utah was on the 41 yard line.  They decide to go for a field goal and BAM, USC's 6' 7" offensive tackle Matt Kalil blocks the kick sending the ball right into the open arms of cornerback Torin Harris who ran like crazy for a 68 yard touchdown.  SO INTENSE!!  The whole student section was going crazy!!  The idiot refs took away the points for "illegal celebration" (what the heck is that anyway?) but two hours later they gave us our points back for an official final score of 23-14!  It was such a great game!!  A little too close for comfort, but we were all proud that our defense held through all the way till the end.  For your viewing pleasure, I have included pictures!

They were giving out flags to commemorate 9/11.  I thought they looked good in my hair!

Roommates at the game!

We had four F16s fly over after the national anthem.  Having the flag in the picture was totally accidental but I kind of like it.  Go America!

As for today, I'm just trying to catch up on homework and we had candidate initiation for AOE!  We have nine lovely candidates this semester.  After initiation we went out to lunch in Lil Tokyo and got some delicious lunch!  Oh how I do love avocado rolls...yum.  Take a look at our beautiful candidates:

As for now, I'm off to go work on statics homework with a friend.  Wish me luck!

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