Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Another super short post - I just booked my first weekend trip!  Ethan, Kelsey and I are going to Malmo, Sweden for a weekend!  As you can see on the calendar, we're going Friday Feb 10 - Sunday Feb 12.  It's going to be great!  We're planning on spending Saturday in Copenhagen, Denmark, since it's only a 40 minute train ride.  Anywho, I'm super excited I've booked my first trip!  It's super nerve-raking the first time so I think it'll be easier/smoother in the future which will be nice.

Anyway, I know I owe you all a long post with plenty of pictures and whatnot, but organizing all my photos and deciding which ones to upload takes a *really* long time.  So, hopefully I'll get to it before this weekend, probably sometime Thursday.  I'm loving life here!


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